Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Super Kindergarten

Julia had this brilliant idea to take the boys to their new school the evening before their first day and take pictures. 

And so we did and now I can't stop staring at this picture of Rhett and Everett. 

It's just too good. It literally makes me want to burst into tears when I look at it!

Everett was such a good sport about taking pictures. 

These two pictures just kind-of happened and I love them. He is too sweet. 

His first day of school has been one of my favorite days. 

He's been excited for school for a while. We went school shopping last week and he put all of his supplies in the cart and then scanned them all himself. We even did a separate transaction just for his stuff…. including earphones (which were mind-blowing for him!).

Monday we got to fill out 70 thousand papers and meet his teacher. He told me he liked her color (which I later found out meant her dress). This kid really is so sweet!

So this morning was the big day. 

They got to play on the playground for a few minutes and then lined up, blew kisses, waved, and then walked into their classroom. 

I almost cried a few times but held it together pretty good! We were both ready and looking forward to school. 

When I picked him up he started crying. It was cute because he was crying for absolutely no reason other than he was doing big kid things all by himself for the first time. 

We had planned on going to Freddy's for dirt and worms after school but he just wanted to go home. 

(Everett colored his own name tag. His first homework assignment from the open house)

Jake came home early with a super huge gift for Everett for being awesome on his first day of school.  So we ate dinner in our super clean house (because I cleaned today with no one whining at me and making me feel sad/guilty I wasn't playing with them!!!!!) and then we did homework and played with Everett's new Lego set he's been dreaming about since last Summer!

It was such a good day for me and it sounds like it wasn't too bad for Everett either:

My favorite response was the last one because he said it with such enthusiasm. And on the way home he said "maybe Mrs. Burghart will have a pretty shirt tomorrow"… I think has a crush on his teacher!

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