Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The 4th - Class Of 2005 Reunion

I am SO thankful for my Dad's advice to go to my class reunion. I would have really regretted it if I hadn't gone. 

We didn't necessarily do anything and I didn't have any life changing conversations with anyone but just to be with the friends I grew up with for an afternoon was priceless. 

63 kids were in our graduating class... 42 boys and 21 girls. 

18 of us made it to the reunion but I honestly wish I could have seen everyone. Living in such a small town and going to school with the same bunch of kids since elementary school is pretty special and we all have some pretty strong friendships. 

It blows my mind that I actually considered not going!!

Brandon smoked some pork and brisket and we all brought things for a picnic by the river.

I played soccer with Suzanne:

Was a cheerleader with Casey:

And had classes with every single one of my classmates. 

I love these people so much it almost hurts! I wanted to have a thousand more conversations and say a million more things but I guess I'll just have to save that for the next reunion!

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