Thursday, July 9, 2015

The 4th - Fireworks in Silverton

I didn't spend many July 4th's in Colorado (because we were usually with my dad in Arizona) but I had always heard about the fireworks in Silverton and how amazing they were.

I even heard about how amazing the 4th in Silverton is from the Stonebreakers (an Edward Jones advisor in Jake's region (+his wife) that travel around and climb all the tallest mountains) at the Summer Regional just last week. 

And last year the younger half of my family went to see the fireworks and wanted to share the magic with us. 

So, after the reunion we drove the AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS 1+ hour ride to Silverton. Breckie pretty much cried and whined the entire way but the beauty made up it. It was almost the same view/surroundings/vegetation as driving around Mt Rainier. 

Silverton is a litte, tiny (old) mining town WAY in the mountains that is 100% now a tourist destination. There is a train that goes from Durango to Silverton and the entire ride is mind-blowingly amazing, plus there are all kinds of extreme sports and hikes to be had in Silverton and it's just too beautiful not to go!

The town was completely slammed, but still completely cool nonetheless. 

Everett wore a cool collection of clothes provided by his relatives :)

Bridget was trying to teach him how to throw up some gang signs...

HAHAHA!!! I think my heart might explode! I think Everett is getting used to the idea that girls are crazy :)

Breckie was being such a punk and such a grump. I ended up swinging on a chairlift/porchswing with them while Jake went to get them french fries because we were running out of options. Traveling/vacationing with little kids is torture sometimes!

Luckily she fell asleep right before the magic began. It was epic!

Everett even took a few of these pictures :)

You can't really tell how big most of these firework explosions were but you can kind-of see the silhouette of the house in front of this one. They were massive fireworks!

I'm not sure what happened here, but it's a little trippy… like a black hole sucking you in or something. 

This red one is Everett's favorite picture:

The grand finale was ridiculous. 


The very first two and these next four and my favorite, favorite pictures!

We had to wait 38 minutes just to get onto the main road to drive home after the fireworks because of the amount of traffic. But it was worth it. The 4th has always been a favorite holiday of mine but this year was the best yet!

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