Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The 4th - Small Town Parade

Tim was able to get us some super shaded, amazing seats to watch the parade in… which was SO nice because we had to park 17 miles away and walk to Mill St (not really, but almost)! We got there just a few minutes before the parade started. 

Recently, I read the book American Sniper and then I watched the movie Unbroken a few weeks later so when the flag was marched down the parade and then these mother's of war heroes followed holding up pictures of there sons and daughters, I cried. 

I have always appreciated veterans and military families but after reading and watching two very personal war hero stories, I have a very deep love and appreciation for those who sacrifice SO MUCH for our country. 

The parade was really cute. 

This was one of my personal favorites! Momentum fitness :)

Bridget and her dance team were in the parade too. 

And my mom… one of the dance coaches. 

The windshield on this car was just too cool!

I am 100% sure that Breckie is licking a wrapped sucker…

Somehow the hour-long parade completely drained our kids of all happiness because after the parade we went to the booths/vendors and they were all frowns.

So we just sat in the grass and people watched and provided others the chance to people watch us :)

We could not figure out what was the problem with our kids! My mom thought it could be altitude sickness (since we were almost 6,000 feet higher than normal) so two lemonades and two ice creams later they were almost happy. 

I ran into a few friends and was getting so excited to see more friends at the reunion later!

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