Saturday, August 22, 2015

April & Ryan Get Married

Friday the 14th was the big day. 

April had her hair and make up done that morning and then we all drove to Portland. 

It turned into a small disaster from there. There were several accidents on I-5 AND it was raining like crazy. Everyone was over an hour late, including us and the bride! But we had decorated the car the night before so driving slow down I-5 was actually pretty fun because everyone waved and honked at us. 

Besides the stress of getting there and the rain, I think it all worked out pretty well. Luckily the rain stopped just before they came out of the temple.

Ryan and April are so cute to me. I spent a lot of time with them last Summer before they were engaged and it's been really cute to see them fall more in love with each other. 

(Everett with his great grandma and grandpa)

(Everett's throwing up some gang signs or something :)

While we were waiting I had Brianna take a picture or two of us. Thanks to the rain for the crazy hair and I will never know why Jake was the one not looking (he must take after his mom!!).  

There's always one picture that makes it all worth it:

Thankfully Brianna took all of these pictures and sent them to me because a few of them are mine and you can tell which ones they are. I need a new lens SUPER bad!! Good thing my birthday is less than two months away ;)

They had a small reception at McMenamins that evening. My sister (Tayne) was able to come so I had an extra great time. 

That night we stayed in Wilsonville because we planned on spending Saturday with Tayne. 

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