Thursday, August 20, 2015

Being There

Being at Grandma and Grandpa's is pretty magical for our kids. All 5 of Jake's sisters live in WA so Everett had so much fun with his "brothers" (cousins). 

He actually did call them his brothers and it made me so happy :) 

Since the time we left from our 8 week stay last year, Grandpa had build a tree house and a zip line. 

It was kind-of like "camp" for our kids so every time we drove in the car Everett would pass out. 

One day we went to the Bass Pro Shop in Tacoma. 

Everett didn't leave uncle Michaels side the whole trip!

Not only do Everett and Grandpa match, they have the same smile (and middle name :) too! 

Everett swam a lot in the pool and there was always someone to play with. 

When the sun finally went down we roasted s'mores one night and watched part of the meteor shower. Karl and I saw one so big and huge and bright and long that we almost started to get scared! And then it burned out so we were safe, lol. 

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