Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cork Wall

We have a Costco-sized diaper box full of the savable preschool treasures Everett brought home. It's fun to look through and Everett loves them still. 

I've been meaning to do something with them other than put them in a box or temporary tape them on the fridge. I wanted him to be happy/proud of his work and I've been meaning to do a project like this for a while but after the first week of Kindergarten I knew I better get it done. 

There is a little hallway between Everett and Breckie's room that I knew would be perfect to display their treasures. 

Luckily I found some super cool cork boards at Target that made my life SUPER easy. 

It was one of those projects that you put off for ages and then when you finally do it you realize you should have done it a long time ago because it was just too easy. 

*Of course it looks way better in real life with natural lighting so you'll just have to suffer through these terrible pictures until you can see it in person :)

Eventually I'd like to replace that light fixture for a cute sconce, but for now, I love it. 

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