Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting There

We flew to WA for a week for Jake's youngest sister's wedding. 

We weren't going to go for the longest time because it was like 40 billion dollars to fly the 4 of us over there. 

But then we found a flight that went from Mesa (20 min from us) to Bellingham (3 hours from them) and it saved us $600 so we decided it was worth it :)

The kids were so cute wearing their backpacks. The first picture cracks me up!! I think they are both perfecting their "cheese" faces. 

Then I'm sure Jake said "poop cheese" or something and we got some real smiles out of them. 

We had to wait for a while. The Mesa airport took WAY less time to get through than sky harbor so we had some major time to kill. So I let them poke sticks into gum while Jake wasn't looking. He'll be grossed out when he sees this :)

We survived the flight. Traveling with Breckie has never been fun or easy. 

She pretty much had a heart attack for the last 25 minutes. People all around us were trying to help calm her down. Luckily everyone was nice and offered their sympathies. 

At 9:00 pm we stopped for 5 guys burgers and fries… we didn't realize it was that late because it stays light there so late in the Summer.

That was Saturday. Sunday we went to church and then the whole family came over for a barbecue. 

2 days down, 6 to go...

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