Monday, August 24, 2015

Last Night at "Camp"

We were seriously so lucky to have made it back to WA (from Tayne's farm in OR) in under three hours…. which meant we still had time to play Saturday night!

How did our kids get so lucky to have grandparents that play on the trampoline!?

We played until it was dark and then roasted s'mores one last time. We found the sparklers that didn't get used the night of the wedding so we had some fun... and some serious laughs!

This is one of Everett's:

Look at how HUGE my right arm is!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!

Everett again:

My only good one:

This was Jake's masterpiece, lol:

Michael's first (and only) attempt at the United States. Pretty amazing!!

We had a lot of fun and then stayed up way late packing. 

In the morning the Berners drove us the three hours to Bellingham and then turned around and drove home. They're pretty amazing people. 

The flight home was fine. (Which means mildly torturous.) 

Jake was Super Dad and took care of the kids the entire flight while I sat across the aisle next to a young mom and her baby that slept or smiled THE ENTIRE 3.5 HOURS!!! Why couldn't we have gotten that kid?!?!

When it was all said and done, we are SO glad we made the trip. Traveling with (our) young kids  Breckie is never easy, but this time it was definitely worth it!

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