Thursday, August 6, 2015

Magic Onions

Jake keeps on reminding me that the backyard isn't like furniture and that we can't keep moving things around. That's when I remind him that I'm the one doing the rearranging so it's okay :)

I've always wanted a big, beautiful, fruitful garden. So as soon as I could clear a space in our sea of rocks, I planted seeds. 

Then, probably only a few weeks later, we took our time and leveled the yard perfectly so we could lay the sod. That's when we realized the garden plots were slightly higher than the rest of the yard. 

So I grew a garden. But it wasn't on the crazy fruitful side. I did grow some peas, lettuce, carrots, spinach, onions, cabbage, lettuce, and beets even though they didn't get very big or tasteful. 

A few months after the growing season was over, we went to WA for two months and since I was still pretty new to the desert I didn't know that there are potentially three growing seasons. 

Then we planned on getting a trampoline so I took the fire pit apart and used the bricks to build up the corner of our yard a little so I could move the garden dirt over there and finish leveling out our yard. 

We bought a trampoline, extended our grass, and planted a few things in the raised corner of our yard.

There's the orange tree Julia gave me and I planted some lantanas ($4 each!)

Are you even kind-of wondering about those magic onions yet??

Well, there they were… just magically growing with the orange tree and lantanas.

Yesterday I ripped them out and ate them. They were the best free/surprise onions ever. 

The excitement these onions brought to my life was ridiculous. So I decided that I better plant a vegetable garden again. I took the leftover bricks and cleared a little space in the rocks. 

I planted corn, zucchini, and pumpkins. I added some bagged dirt. On the right side was the new dirt and on the left side I mixed it half with the existing soil. 

It almost makes me cry to realize that I prematurely got rid of my other garden plots all because I was dumb and didn't add new soil. I could have had that big, beautiful, fruitful garden I always wanted if I would have realized I just needed new soil!!!

(There is a super tiny butterfly on the flower)

But it's totally cool. I'm sure I'll be out 'rearranging' our backyard as soon as it's not 372,957 degrees out… because I can do things like that when Jake's not looking :)

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