Friday, August 21, 2015

Nailed It

One of the days we were there the guys took Ryan out for a 'Bachelor' party (aka driving range and lunch) and we took April out for mani's and pedi's and dinner. 

I have no idea how we didn't end up with a picture at the nail salon but it was everyone's first time getting their nails done. I especially loved the pedicure and massage chair!

After that we all went out for Mexican food. 

Lol, I was trying to get a picture of these four and Pam was being just as bad as a 5 year old!! She was looking every direction but mine until I yelled at her to look at me!

You can tell just by the shape of my eyes that I'm the "in-law" but I'm SO lucky to have these ladies in my life. 

That night we everyone laid out on the trampoline and air mattress and we all watched the meteor shower. The air mattress Jake and I were on had a hole in it somewhere so when it got pretty flat he jumped on it and catapulted me into a lawn chair!

It was such a funny night because Karl kept falling asleep and we'd all see a shooting star and it would be a chorus of ohhhs, ahhhs, woahs, did you see that's! and AWESOMEs and then you'd hear Karl wake up and say "dang-it!"

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