Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Playing Hooky

I wanted to blog about these magic onions that grew in our backyard and then I realized I'd have to take pictures of our backyard and then I really realized that I haven't blogged about a lot any "home" things lately… and most of them have been done for 6-12 months!

So I will start with our entryway. 

(The bigger door is the front door, Breckie is by the coat closet, to her right is the door to the garage, and to her left is the hallway to the office, laundry room, and guest bathroom.)

Over a year ago I took the temple art/wood/pictures (that I had made) out of the kids' rooms. 

Breckies had fallen off the wall and scraped up the front of her dresser and I hadn't ever really loved Everett's room so I took his down to figure out what I really wanted. 


I took them apart, sanded the heck out of the wood, and pieced together this beauty. 
It is literally 100% made out of scraps/old projects (minus the hooks)!!

*this is the most accurate picture of the wall color

You can see some of the seams (where we had to put two pieces of wood together to make it long enough) which Jake absolutely HATES and plans to fix but I absolutely love it and love that it was practically free! 

*fancy panorama picture from my phone :)

Plus, it looks good and it's functional!

Everett's backpack is usually on the right hook, Jake's keys and hat are usually on the left hook, and the mail key and sunglasses usually hang out in the arrow… but Jake's at work, Everett's at school, and the sunglasses are in my car.

 Most people that come over comment on how much they like it so it's a win/win/win (there's an extra 'win' in there for the free part :)

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