Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summit Lake

 Three out of the past four years we've had a sibling either get married on our anniversary or in the same month. Since we were in WA for April's wedding this year during our anniversary, we left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and went for a hike to celebrate.

It took a little bit of navigating but we finally found the trailhead… but forgot to buy the $5 pass and the closest place to buy one was 30+ minutes away so we decided to risk it. 

The hike up was super nice. It was a great temperature, there was a weird looking tree and a small lake on the way up. 

About 2.5 miles later we found Summit Lake. 

I wanted to get to the top so we could get a better view… so we kept going. 

There was a really cool hallow tree too. 

The whole way up I kept stressing that we wouldn't have a very good view because we woke up to clouds and rain that morning. But when we got to the top we were lucky enough to have the view I was hoping for. 

Oh Jake… he thought he was begin so sneaky. The look on his face is priceless:

The hike kept going up and around the lake. I guess this year has been especially dry for WA and it shows in the water level of the lake. 

When we got to the very top we has a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. 

We hiked back down to the lake, had some trail mix, and then Jake jumped in!

We made it back down to the trailhead and started driving down the mountain just in time to see the forest ranger driving up. We got super lucky we just missed him because we didn't have that $5 pass. 

Even if we did get a ticket, it would have been worth it.

We hurried home, said hi to the kids, showered and then headed off to the Melting Pot with the Coatneys. 

It was Crystal's birthday the day before (her and Dennis are pretty much family to us) so the four of us had dinner together. 

It was so fun, so good, I ate duck for the first time (it was my favorite… besides the dessert), we had a few good laughs, and we watched as a guy next to us proposed to his girlfriend. 

We had a really great day and it was nice to spend allllll day together! The kids had a great day too. Everett watched 4 movies with Grandpa, they swam in the pool, and had pizza for dinner. 

We were really spoiled this year :)

Happy Anniversary to you, Earthquake Jake. 

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  1. Those views are stunning! And the last photo of you two is very sweet :)