Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tayne & Fiddlehead Farm

It would be a crime to be in Portland and I not eat Waffle Window. We even have a punch card and we live 1,400 miles away. 

So after a few hours of sleep at the hotel, a crowded continental breakfast and a swim in the pool, we met Tayne at the Waffle Window Saturday afternoon… which made my trip to the northwest almost complete!

I made everyone suffer through some pictures but I don't regret it!!

It's ridiculous how much I love Tayne and I hope one day Everett and Breckie will know what it's like to love their sibling so much!

Tayne is a farm manager at Fiddlehead Farm. She's been farming/gardening for 10 years so it was about time we actually got to see her 'office'.

It was cool to see the farm Tayne works on and meet some of the people she works with. To be honest,  I'm a little jealous of her job! I wish I could work outside all day with really cool people like her. Maybe someday :)

Until then I'll just keep dreaming about it!

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