Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Breckie's Mid-day Activities

Breckie and I went to Ikea to buy a pair of $17 curtains for Everett's bedroom… because, as a blogger, the moment you announce something, it immediately changes. Like how I said Everett's room will stay the way it is until he's 20 and then I decided it was just WAY too dark in there so we fixed it. It's so much brighter now. (Pictures to come sometime in the next year, lol.) 

While at IKEA Breckie climbed into every toddler bed and got under the covers (she dreams of having a bed instead of a crib) and then she jumped on the couches in the returned/as-is section:

I can just see my Dad's eyes popping out of his head… BUT I only let her do it for 10 seconds… just long enough to take a picture :) And who could be mad after looking at the second picture of her jumping on the couch? It's priceless!

She's also pretty cute at playing librarian:

But things get a little messy around lunchtime :)

But nap time is always a beautiful time :)

There's also "potty time" but she refuses to be potty trained. I thought maybe we could save some money on diapers... but now we'll just have to buy diapers and pay to clean our carpets. Last week she pooped on the stairs. Awesome. 

And um, well, those are some of the things we do while Everett's off learning how to read and do math!

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