Saturday, September 12, 2015


On Thursday, I picked Everett up after school like I normally do, at 4:00, and he always wants to go home. The kid is a home-body-and-a-half.  But today I told him we were going to the library to pick out new books. 

He complained and said he just wanted to go home and that he was SUPER hungry. I planned on stopping somewhere for dinner (because Jake was working late anyways) so I told him we'd eat first. 

I listed a few places where we could eat and then Everett just said, "Hmm, I think I want IN-SIDE-OUT." :)

Later, when we got home, he scraped his toe on something and it started to bleed a tiny bit. I guess I didn't realize he'd never bled before. 

Instant crazy tears! "I CAN'T STOP THE BLOOD FROM COMING OUT!!!!!" 

He honestly thought he was dying. 

I washed him up... all while he was losing his mind (and there was hardly any blood at all) and I asked him if he wanted a bandaid. He'd never had a bandaid before either! (He didn't even need one because there wasn't even blood but it was more for me to prove that it was over and fixed and he could stop freaking out.)

He asked me if the bandaid would hurt. :)

After I put the bandaid on it was time for bed, so he hobbled upstairs and while crawling into bed he asked me to call Mrs. Burghart and tell her that he wouldn't be able to get on the floor and pick up trash tomorrow. 

LOL, sometimes I wonder if he's even my kid!

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