Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peppersauce Cave

Over the weekend we went camping with the Westovers. They are such a fun family and we spend quite a bit of time together. One of their teenage daughters is our babysitter and their oldest son is serving his mission in the same mission as Effie. 

We really have to hand it to them… they packed for 8 people + 1 dog for two nights of camping in their one vehicle. 

Luckly the drive to our campsite was less than a two hours drive. After we set up camp we headed over to the Peppersauce cave right away. 

They had been in the cave about 4 times before… which I was so thankful for because I would have gotten lost for sure. 

It was just one big cave that went on and on with tons of different places to check out. 

At the lowest end there was even a pool… and two of the kids got in!

It was super cool to me and I love that Everett enjoyed it too. (I had to wear one of Jake's shirts because I actually forgot to bring another short sleeve shirt for myself! And the second time we went in the cave I accidentally put on the shirt he had worn the day before so it was extra smelly!!)

Breckie and Jennifer stayed at camp and a little girl at the campsite next to us made Breckie a flower crown. 

Bella, Everett, and Breckie were usually covered in dirt, swinging on the tree swing, or looking for treasure. I took them all around the camp area and we actually found some pretty cool things. 

We ended up with a collection of beer bottle tops from other camp sites. We found just under 50. 

I didn't get a picture of them, but there were these little black things that looked like pumpkins (but they were a little smaller than walnut shells) so we smacked one open and sure enough, it was a nut. Later we learned from another camper that they were actually black walnuts. 

One night Jake made cherry cobbler :)

The second day we went back to the cave and brought Breckie and Jennifer with. 

It was muddy in there and as dark as dark gets, but Breckie actually did really well… flower flip-flops and all!

There were other groups in there with backpacks, helmets, bells, string, headlamps, and totally legit looking… and then there was the crazy-bring-the-baby group what smelled like campfire:

We had a lot of fun camping and it was our most successful trip yet. Our kids held up great on a diet of pure junk, no naps, and little sleep. I think I slept 3 hours total but that's better than some camping trips! Breckie woke up three times (after tanking two hours to fall asleep) and the moon was so bright that it was almost like someone was shining their laser 10 thousand flashlight into our tent all night!

Oh, and we forgot a can opener...

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