Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shopping Buddy

Breckie is usually a pretty good sport when it comes to shopping. Probably because she gets to try everything on :)

It crossed my mind that I could get her a cute princess pajama dress (because all she wears is Everett's old clothes to bed and then usually wears the baggy boy clothes until noon…) but then I looked at the price tag. $32. I'm not kidding. It wasn't on sale either. 

But she was totally cool with it. She's used to not getting anything when we go shopping so she never asks and doesn't throw fits. She's the best! She did ask to get the 6 pack of princess undies (for $18!) so I told her when she can learn to use the potty she can have them :) I feel like she'll be 12 by the time she's potty trained and by then she won't want princess ones anyways… because she said: "I'll just keep wearing diapers." #seriously

I guess diapers or not, she's a pretty great shopping buddy :)

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