Monday, September 21, 2015

The Sandbox That Once Was

I remember being about 10 years old petitioning my dad to build me a sandbox. He said no and that I was too old. I even drew him pictures of me playing in a sandbox hoping to sway him. But he still said no way Jose

So about a year ago I built a sandbox for my kids. They didn't even ask me to… I just wanted one for them to play in. Way back at the edge of our porch (between the wall and our porch… where you can barely see where the grill used to be) I moved bricks, dug it down, made it legit, and even had Jake build a lid for me. 

It was the best. It was in the shade most of the day, right next to the water hose (perfect for wet sand for building castles), and bought me at least 4 hours a week of outside entertainment for my kids. 

I'd sit on the edge and play with them for hours. And if sand got out, I'd just sweep it right back in.  It was amazing. 

And then a family of rats found their way into our backyard. Jake killed like 3 of them in 3 days and then we saw one shove itself into our sandbox and it was game over for Jake. 

He ripped out the sandbox right away. It was a sad day for me. The rats came in from the field they had just plowed (two houses down from us), we've never had a problem before, and they were gone within a week but Jake was still set on the fact that the sandbox had to go. 

The sandbox has been gone for about a month and the kids still catch themselves asking to play in it…. and then they remember Dad ripped it out!

But I'm sure I'll find a way to convince Jake to build us another cat (and rat) proof sandbox in the near future. Maybe I'll have Everett draw a picture of himself playing in it and give it to Jake :)

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