Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trivia Night- United Way Fundraiser

Every year Edward Jones does a trivia night fundraiser for United Way. It also doubles as a costume party and gets pretty competitive. Jake told me we were going and I wasn't even a little bit excited… because I would be the LAST person in the entire room to get a trivia question right!!!

But there were cupcakes and appetizers so it turned out to be fun :) Our Superhero themed table ended up winning the "losers" prize… we didn't stand a chance next to some of the other groups! I was thrilled when I actually knew the answers to about 5 of the 100 questions and they were in the teen literature category, lol!

I'm 90% sure we'll be invited back next year just so we can give every other table an ego boost!

P.S. I was Flash so that's why I was "running" in the picture. Jake was the punisher (even though your can't see his shirt), and Luke was Captain America (you can barely see his shirt)… everyone else is pretty obvious.

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