Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wrestle In The Rain

Rhett was over Saturday afternoon because Everett was dying for some 5-year-old entertainment. After playing Lego Avengers on the x-box I told them they needed to do something else. And honestly, 10 seconds later it started pouring rain!

So they jumped wrestled on the trampoline in the hot, sweaty rain with their shirts off. Classy. 

This picture of Everett is so goofy, I almost don't even want to post it!:

And would you believe that Breckie was on the trampoline the entire time??! She's got some pretty mean dodging skills!

Luckily it's starting to cool down a little so maybe we can play outside more... without melting! But until then, we'll take all the rainy-wrestle-on-the-tramoline days that we can!

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