Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jake's Man Vacation

Jake had to go to a leadership training in St. Louis Missouri earlier this month. One of his best friends lives in Kentucky and I guess it was only a two hour-ish drive so Jake was able to fly in three days earlier (for free!) to spend with Brice and his family. 

It was really nice because I had actually planned to buy him a ticket to see Brice for his birthday in December as a surprise. 

I told Jake that he HAD to take good pictures since it's been 6+ years since they've seen each other. 

Lol, Jake managed to get Brice's back, side profile, and eyes. However, Jake did a wonderful job making me jealous that he was in Kentucky and I was still in AZ in the heat!

Jake had a lot of fun. The highlights were: family dinners with the entire Anderson family, ping pong, paint ball, deer hunting, watching the priesthood session with the Anderson men, and watching a Disney movie with the Anderson kids. 

Jake brought back this darling hat Leilani made for Breckie:

I'm so glad Jake could take a man vacation and do lots of manly things with Brice but we were all wishing we could have made it a family affair! Maybe next time!

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