Friday, October 2, 2015

Kindergarten Gold - Cottage Night

Monday night at school was something called "cottage night". Each quarter of the school year they have a theme and the first quarter was "all about me". Everett learned how to draw and color people, learned about family members, community helpers, etc. 

At the end of each quarter the kids put on a little presentation. They said the pledge of allegiance, each kid stood up and said why the were special ("I am special because I make my bed"- Everett), and they sang/recited three other songs AND they did them all in sign language too!

*Apparently I put a lot of emphasis on making beds, lol!

Everett is in a special iPad class so he showed us a little presentation/slide show on his iPad about himself and his senses. He likes the sound of running water, the smell of chocolate, the taste of pizza… I can't remember the rest!

They've also been doing 'writers workshop' and yesterday he came home with several stories he's written and illustrated :) I'm not sure what the first one is. It looks like maybe a house and cloud shapes in the sky. I think the second one might say "friend" and the J about the pink guy is probably his buddy Jonah. 

*(update) I asked Everett what these pictures were about so now I have the real story. The first is him playing at the park (the green straight and twisty slides :) and building a sand castle. The second picture is of him and Jagger, Vienna, Civil (plus Zion and Breckie) playing in the rain at the park. 

I am almost positive that this third story is of the Westovers and their pool with the brown rock slide and their dog. The fourth story is undoubtedly Lego Avengers on the TV (TVE) in our living room with blue walls. 

The fifth story… I'm not sure. Maybe hiking. The sixth story makes me smile because I'm pretty sure that's a raspberry bush and it says "My Grandma's house is the _____" best?? That's my guess but I can't tell. Which makes me think that story #5 might be the tree house and the ladder at grandma's house. 

*(update) The first one is of me walking down the stairs one morning after Everett ate his cereal and the second one is of his grandma's tomato plants :)

Story seven he told me was about his trucks and story eight is the "Mountain at Grandma's house with all the white and black stuff on it" -Everett. 
Lol, Mt Rainier. 

It's nice to see how many positive memories he has with his grandparents. He brought this home on grandparent's day and he said it's of the red canoe and paddles. He has two sets of grandparents with a red canoe and paddles!

Yesterday, when he brought home all of his writers workshop pages he was inspired to create his own pages. He ended up making a whole book last night after dinner. The first page is of Lightning McQueen and Carla Valoso and the second page has the names of the game apps he has on my phone. 

It's so fun to watch him grow and learn. I had a big diaper box full of his treasures from his two years in preschool. I was able to condense the box down into two magazine holders and I have a feeling I'll end up with another one (or two) full of Kindergarten treasures. This stuff is like gold to me!

During Cottage night while they were singing their songs Everett kept looking at the girl next to him to make sure he was doing and saying the right thing. Jake and I laughed because both of us can remember doing the same thing when we were younger :) 

We're so proud of you, Everett… and not just because you make your bed!

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