Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mother Nature's Farm

We were invited by the Millers (who else??!) to meet them at a pumpkin patch/farm for family night. 

So we did… and ended up getting there 45 minutes before them. That was enough time to see the whole farm, lol. 

The "hay ride" was hilarious. They pretty much took you out to their junk yard and back. Jake and I had a pretty good laugh. But we did have fun!

The kids enjoyed picking out and decorating their pumpkins and spend a majority of their time in the bounce house with the Miller boys. 

We were able to see some of the animals by the flashlights on our phones and they had lots of play houses for the kids to play in. 

I always miss WA pumpkin patches this time of year because all of the AZ ones cost a fortune. Oh well, at least here there is almost a guarantee there won't be rain and mud and you'll be in shorts :) 

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