Monday, October 26, 2015


During Fall break we went Halloween costume shopping. It lasted approximately 2 minutes. Everett found an iron man costume in his size and Breckie found a Hello Kitty dress. It was the most simple halloween yet. 

Everett has been wearing his costume to bed for the last two weeks… which is adorable. He's never been much for dress up. 

For the church trunk-or-treat Everett kept asking Jake and I what we were going to be. So 5 minutes before we left Jake turned into a soccer player and I dressed up as a hippie. I drew a Mercedes symbol on my face thinking it was a hippie sign… so we had to google it, lol!

We had a fun night. I ate at least 8 rice crispy treats while Jake drank 6 styrofoam cups of apple cider…

The kids didn't want to do the craft, donut eating contest, games, or the family picture. They were there for the candy! I guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree!

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  1. Sawyer's being iron man too lol. Your last-minute costumes look awesome :)