Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baking With Breckie. Treats & Dreams.

Breckie and I made pumpkin roll from the farm pumpkins Everett and I brought home from his field trip. 

Breckie is the sweetest little person. She is hope and happiness. She is polite, smart, caring, strong, wild, daring, and such a HUGH blessing to our lives. Life would be empty without her. Spending time with her while Everett is at school is such a treat!

So we decided to make a treat… and since Everett lost interest ages ago, we decided to do it without him :)

She cracked all of the eggs and dumped them in:

I feel like she could have her own cooking show… because who looks this good scraping pumpkin out of a measuring cup??

I think her favorite part was turning on the mixer :)

And when she was done helping she found something else to do… because that's what Breckie does. She finds a way to entertain herself. She's every mothers dream. 

She's most definitely my dream :)

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