Saturday, November 14, 2015

Everett's Super Power

 Everett's school had a fundraiser. I feel kind-of bad that I didn't totally understand or participate until it was too late…

We were supposed to get pledges from people and for every lap Everett ran, they would donate a certain amount of money. Well, Everett ran 46 laps!!! He told me it was the most out of his class. I was SUPER shocked. They weren't the regular 4 laps ='s a mile… I think it was 16 laps was a mile. 

The ironic thing was that I was going to send a note with him to school that day saying that he might not run very many laps… he totally shocked me!

I remember always being the most athletic girl in my grade, starting in elementary school, but there were only 20 other girls my age. 

Maybe Everett has a secret talent that we didn't know about! And next year we'll definitely get pledges and turn those laps into donations!

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