Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Festivities

Everett's school does somewhat of a modified Halloween parade. They get to dress up but they have to dress up as a literature character (and you have to bring the book in). Rhett and Everett cheated and were Iron Man. Rhett was going to be Curious George and Everett wanted to be the man in the yellow hat but we just couldn't pull it off. Maybe if they're in the same class next year…

That was on Friday. Saturday we rode scooters to the neighborhood park for a Halloween Bash.

They had a goodie bag for each kid, games, and a magician. They had a good time and Breckie won these funny glasses :)

At 5:00 the Millers came over. 

*our winter grass really is this green, seriously...

We had pizza and Halloween-y food and then left to trick-or-treat as soon as it was dark.

The Jakes put a headlamp around Everett's chest (under his costume) and two small flashlights around his wrists to make his Iron Man costume more legit. Breckie had fancy flashing glow lights from Grandma Kelly. 

The kids got tons of candy for the amount of houses we knocked on. Breckie was a little concerned that you just go up to scary houses/people and they give you candy… but she ended up with double the amount of candy as the boys AND she got a full size snickers bar.

By the end of the night Rhett and Everett were about to murder each other so we decided to call it a night. Us adults just dream of a day when our kids aren't so much work. Lol, everything is hard with little kids, even the fun stuff, but life would be so empty without our Star Wars boys, Iron man, and Hello Kitty!!

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