Monday, November 9, 2015

Kindergarten Farm Trip

Last week Everett's kindergarten class + 9 other kindergarten classes from his school took a field trip to Vertuccio's Farm. 5 chaperones from each class were able to go and I was one of the lucky 5.

Everett was so excited to go on the field trip and kept talking about how excited he was to finally ride a school bus. LOL, well his school is a charter school so they don't actually have busses. They rented tour busses so his idea of a school bus is pretty skewed!

Since I was a chaperone Everett got to pick one friend that he for sure wanted in his group… so he picked Rhett, of course. We also had Will and Eric in our group. 

They separated the entire group into two groups of 5 classes each. Luckily we were the group that got to play on the farm toys first. The boys chose the slide first. 


Hay maze:

Milking the cow:

Riding the cow train:

They raced duckies and each of us got to pick out our own pie pumpkin. 

We also got to tour the farm, which was really cool. They grow all of the ingredients to make a pizza and their farm is in the shape of a pizza with each "slice" a different ingredient. Wheat, tomatoes, herbs, chickens, cow, pigs. Pretty cool. 

We each got two pieces of cheese pizza and chips for lunch and then headed home. It was fun and the weather was beyond perfect. This time of the year reminds me of growing up in Colorado. Cold mornings, sunshine, warm afternoons. It's perfect. 

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