Tuesday, December 29, 2015

After Christmas Kite-Flying

The day after Christmas it was super windy we we rode bikes to the park to fly the kite. It's always super fun to fly the kite, but the more windy, the better. 

It's so fun when the wind really picks up and pulls you down the field. Everett really, really wanted to fly the kite by himself and the two times Jake let him, he went flying down the field :) He has the grass stains to prove it!

We also brought the Nerf guns and that was a HUGE hit when the neighbor kids came out to play too. 

Breckie and I had fun taking pictures, riding scooters/bikes, running after the kite, and playing "food" at the park. She's always 'taking my order.' 

Besides the sometimes un-ruly toddler and occasional sleepless night, I really enjoy the stage our family is in. It's getting to be a lot of fun!

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