Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

My Dad and Kelly came down to visit us on Wednesday to spend the afternoon with us. It was literally everything I needed. First, Kelly brought us her amazing fudge and chocolate covered peanuts. 

Then they took us out to Oregano's for dinner. It was super, super good and I think now we have a new favorite restaurant. 

This salad was no joke. 

When we were so stuffed, we came home and the kids opened their presents from Papa and Kelly. They are so spoiled!

Everett got puzzles, Legos, Pez, Rescue Bot books, a Ninja turtle lunch box, and probably a few things that I'm forgetting. 

Breckie got a carebear, blanket/zebra, Pez, and again, I'm probably forgetting something… she was obsessed with all of it, especially the reindeer Pez :)

We played games and cards and my heart was so happy. Then we had homemade apple pie (from Debbie Lynn at Jake's office) and ice cream and the night was complete. We had such an enjoyable time with Papa and Kelly and can't wait to see them again!

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