Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve

I shared a very detailed version of the Nativity to the young women in church this year and focused a lot on the events prior (and right up to) the birth of our Savior. 

I did a lot of reading and study on Mary and Joseph and I feel like I have a greater and deeper understanding/knowledge/love for the Christmas season because of it. 

We try to teach our children why we celebrate Christmas and give gifts and I know they'll understand little by little. They had a lot of fun picking out and wrapping gifts for each other and for Jake this year and were so excited to give them. It was really sweet to see. 

Christmas Eve was somewhat eventful for us :)

It wouldn't be Christmas unless someone was sick. It started by Breckie puking. Then Everett continued to get out of bed 6 times because he wanted to know is Santa had come yet. 

Breckie ended up falling asleep in our bed around 10 and once Everett "discovered" that Santa had come, he fell asleep in our bed around 11. They each woke up at least twice during the night and at 2 am Breckie just got out of her bed and ended up sleeping on the living room floor in front of the tree. 

She was sick and feverish and Jake and I were exhausted.

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