Thursday, December 3, 2015

Decorating Dad's Office

Last December we started the 'tradition' of decorating Jake's office as a family one night after work while drinking hot chocolate and listing to Christmas music. 

Monday, after school, the kids and I get to Jake's office only to find that he didn't have any hot chocolate!!! That's like one piece of a four piece puzzle missing… so the three of us walked over to Walmart and bought some essentials. 

We made some hot chocolate, turned on the Christmas channel, put of the tree, lights, wreath, decorations… etc. Jake's office manager, Debbie Lynn, stayed to help too which was really sweet because she and Everett talked all evening. 

After the tree was decorated, I asked the kids to stand in front of it so I could take a picture of them. I can't get over how hilarious these two are. Their starting to become pretty good buds too :)

When the office was put back together we continued our tradition by walking to Kneeders for Christmas cookies.

So far, this has been my favorite Christmas tradition and I'm so glad Debbie Lynn could be a part of it this year!


  1. Neeners!!! I miss you and your funny ways. 😂

  2. Neeners!!! I miss you and your funny ways. 😂