Sunday, December 13, 2015

Everett 5.5

Reading, writing, arithmetic… those are just a few things Everett's been up to lately. I can hardly believe the growth he's made in these last 6 months!

He's more social but still ultra sensitive :) He LOVES playing "doggies" at recess with his friends (according to his explanation it's like tag, but if you get tagged you become a dog until everyone is a dog). 

 Colors- blue and white
Food- pizza
Drink- orange soda
Thing to do at school- play doggies
Movie- Minions 2 (does this exist?? we haven't even seen it!)
Shirt- Ninja Turtle shirt from Kelly
Game- Lego Batman 3 (we don't even own it!)
Cookie- m&m cookie
Thing to do outside- badminton (he's really good, too)
Book- Planes book that makes noise
Place to go- the park with Jagger
Show- YouTube

He also really loves to turn on Pandora (ALL the way up!) and dance. This happens at least weekly. He adores his Kindergarten teacher and holds her hand everyday. He's a little behind in his writing/spelling/sounding out because of his speech delay. He can't sound out a word correctly if he can't even say it :) but he's almost there. At this point it's mostly just the words that start with "s". 

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  1. Maybe he means Despicable Me 2? The only minions movie is just coming out now I think. He is so cute!