Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kindergarten Christmas Cottage

For the second semester Everett's class traveled the world and learned about how different countries celebrate holidays and traditions. They even had passports and suitcases! They had another cottage night so show off their hard work and sing us the new songs they've learned. 

They decorated stockings and brought gifts to fill them. Everett (obviously:) took his time and REALLY decorated his stocking :) 

He made lots of crafts and I'll have to get some of his stories out and post them on here. His writing and drawing have improved but he prefers math over reading/writing (and obviously art/crafts) so it's still kind-of a guessing game. One of his stories is how he likes to dance to music on the TV :)

Mrs. Burghart is also teaching them a few signs (sign language) and they each stood up and signed "I'm thankful for" and then they each said something. Everett said "pools" (like swimming pools) and there was an audible "what did he say?!" from parents in the classroom. I still can't decide if I'm more sad that they didn't think about how Everett would feel when he heard them or if I just want to punch them in the faces. 

His speech therapist is hopeful that by 3rd grade he'll be totally up to speed. Until then I feel like I need some boxing gloves :)

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