Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Best/Worst Christmas

Once we were semi-functional from our sleepless night, we enjoyed the magic or Christmas morning. 

Our tree was overflowing with gifts and our stockings were stuffed full of goodies. 

Breckie was well enough to open a few presents and enjoy the morning. 

Everett had been so excited about Christmas… he was just so excited we were finally opening presents!

Grandma Berner heard that Everett has really been into money lately and sent him some pretty awesome money gifts!

Breckie got some Lego's from her grandmas and super duper loved opening them with scissors!

I kept trying to get a decent picture of these two in front of the tree...

Everett was the cutest and said, "Breckie, mom really like to have nice pictures." 

Eventually we continued our tradition of omelets and hot chocolate for breakfast and the kids had fun with their toys. 

We were able to Skype with my sister (Effie) on her mission in Oakland CA. Her boyfriend drove 2.5 hours just to be able to Skype with us. I had heard so much about him, but once I met him in person I seriously just fell in love with the guy (in a brother-in-law kind-of way :) 

He ended up being at our house for a little over two hours and by the time he left, Jake said: "It's like I'm getting the brother I've always wanted!" 

We seriously couldn't be more excited for Josh to marry into the family… if he and Effie end up getting married, of course ;) 

Breckie had fallen asleep in my arms while we were talking with Josh and took a two hour nap. From the time she woke up to the time she went to bed that night, she puked 4 more times and couldn't keep anything down. She was super hot and sick. 

Then, once we got her to bed that night, Everett woke up and cried for half an hour because he was sick now. Hashtag, the joys of parenthood. 

BUT we enjoyed Christmas regardless of the sleepless nights and puking sessions. 

We loved all of the Christmas cards and one in particular was my favorite:

Christmas gets a little bit more special each year and I feel like this year was no exception. I have felt so much love and gratitude for our Savior, his life, and his sacrifice and my testimony grows deeper every year. He is the ultimate gift. 

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