Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Princess Breckie

I don't really like "getting ready." It's not a secret that I try to keep. I don't shower every day. I think that's probably categorized under "laziness" and I'll totally own up to it. I'll exercise and run up and down the stairs 30 times and it's doesn't even phase me… but ask me to shower and I just don't want to. I thought cutting my hair short would encourage me to shower everyday but…

Anyways, on the every other day when I do shower and get ready, Breckie loves to get ready too. 

She's also pretty good at painting her toe nails. 

She still drinks out of a bottle and when I tease her that she's "baby Breckie" she always corrects me and tells me that she's "princess Breckie!" She sure is turning into a little princess :)

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