Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sister Wiggins Meets Effie

So we had a sister missionary in our ward for 9 months about a year ago. She was the coolest sister missionary on the planet and we were so lucky to have her for so long. While she was here, Effie was preparing for her mission so I asked sister Wiggins if she had any advice or secrets to being so cool for my sister who's about to go on a mission. 

I had told Sister Wiggins that Effie was serving in the Oakland Temple Visitor Center. After Sister Wiggins returned home she ended up taking a trip out to Oakland/San Francisco to visit one of her sisters and remembered that Effie would be in the visitor's center. 

So she went to the visitor's center to see Effie for me!!!! I absolutely love the pictures she sent and she actually took a video message of Effie for me :) I've watched it countless times. It's priceless!

I've never seen Effie look so gorgeous and happy in my entire life. It was such a fun treat to see them together and they seriously would make the best of friends. 

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