Sunday, December 6, 2015


We had 6 guests for Thanksgiving this year that made it extra special. Somehow we were lucky enough to be given 3 really nice beds a few weeks before everyone showed up and we had (pretty much) a room for everyone to stay in. 

My sister Tayne flew in from Portland late Sunday night. I sent Jake to go pick her up since my pregnant body likes to go to bed at 8 pm… but I was too excited to see her and couldn't sleep. I finally went to bed at 3 am. Super great way to start off a week of visitors!

My mom, Tim, Grandma, and younger siblings Bridget and Braxton drove from Colorado and got here Monday evening around 5. My Dad and Kelly drove down from Glendale to see Tayne Monday evening as well, so we ended up just being one big happy family and eating burgers, fries, chips and salsa Monday night… which was truly delightful. 

On Tuesday, while Everett was at school, we went for a hike. Breckie and Grandma stayed home and watched Big Hero 6 :) It's funny because just the night before we were all talking about a time when I was about 4 or 5 and I rode my bike down a hill straight into a barbed-wire fence and how my Grandma cleaned me up and bandaged my knees and palms. I even have the scars to prove the validity of my story. And I, never in a million years, could have imagined my Grandma staying home and taking care of my daughter. I'm not old enough for that because I remember that barbed-wire fence like it was yesterday. 

*I am almost officially the runt of the family. 

That night we all went out to celebrate my Grandma's 75th birthday that was in September. 

*Note to self… wear plaid if you want to be cool...

Wednesday we all went miniature golfing… because I like to and it's a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.

*Mastering a family selfie…

Thursday was the big feast. And by big feast, I mean my mom cooked TWO turkeys. 

Of course we played games and watched movies and played badminton too. Thursday night we even hit up target and a sports store just for fun. 

Friday at 4:30 am Jake and Tayne headed to the airport. The rest of us debated on what to do until midday. The girls went shopping while the boys went to Bass Pro Shop and played in the shooting gallery. It was a pretty successful day. 

Saturday morning the rest of the family drove back to Colorado and Jake spent all day cleaning for me. 

Among the many, many things I'm grateful for, I'm super grateful that so many of our relatives traveled far just to spend Thanksgiving with us. 

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