Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nemo Berner Heinz

I took the kids to Ikea while Everett was still on Christmas break. I assumed he'd want to go in the play area but he didn't. I'm super happy he didn't want to because it was so cute watching him and Breckie walk around the store, checking out rooms, and commenting on things they liked. 

They each ended up with a suffed animal that they wanted. Breckie found a white cat and Everett found a giant shark that he said he really wanted. 

Breckie is usually the one to love stuffed animals but Everett didn't want to go home without this shark.  (Breckie decided to put her cat back right before we checked out). Everett decided to use some of his Christmas money to buy himself the shark. Everett even snuggled him in the shopping cart:

On the way home we met Jake at Dairy Queen… and Nemo had to come with (I suggested we name him Bruce (the shark on Finding Nemo) but Everett decided Nemo was better :)

Nemo plays X-box with Everett...

Gets books read to him and sleeps with Everett in his bed...

And Nemo even "requests" to watch certain movies. A few days after Nemo came home with us Everett decided to share his 5th generation middle name of Heinz with him too.

I think it's super cute how much our kids love stuffed animals. The zebra pillow that Breckie got for Christmas has been slept on every night, been to church, and has been to almost every meal… Breckie even shares her fruit snacks with her zebra! Now that's love. 

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