Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Break-Down Date Rainbow

Friday morning I had one of those I'm-a-woman breakdowns. Where everything is wrong but nothing even went wrong. They happen at least twice a year. 

So Jake found a babysitter and took me out that night. On the way to dinner there was this huge rainbow. It was so, so cool… this is a phone picture so it's not even kind-of as cool as it was in real life… but you could see every color of the rainbow so clearly and it was so bright. 

For our date we did a little window shopping while we waited for our table, shared salmon and cheesecake, and then saw the Martian at the dollar theater. 

We were out for like 6 hours and they were the best 6 hours of my week! I'm so thankful for a husband who is starting to really understand what I need because it was such a perfect night. I even did one of those loud and embarrassing bursts of laughter in the restaurant because he made me laugh so hard!

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