Sunday, February 14, 2016

Old Brick House- Downtown Mesa

Friday was a good day! (hurray, hurray!!) 

When we very first moved to AZ we were invited to the Gleave's house for dinner. I had grown up/spent my Summers on the same block as Nate in Eagar and now he was married with a family and living in Mesa. Their house was ridiculously adorable and perfect in every way. Turns out his wife (Kalli) has several really amazing talents…

About a month later she had a baby and then we moved 45 minutes in the opposite direction. In the meantime she opened a vintage market in downtown Mesa, right on Main. 


Her shop is only open three days a month and we finally had our golden opportunity on Friday while Everett was at school. 

I pretty much wanted everything. We were there for hours. Kalli even remembered us after I introduced myself (lol, she asked where all of my hair went :)

We found a cool driveway/alley and took a few impromptu pictures of Breckie. Maybe we'll go back for her 3 year pictures next month. 

*she found a laminated heart in my purse that she stole from story time at the library on wednesday. 

Then we went to an antique store that I remember going in with my Dad. We had a good time and I'm certain we'll be back many times in the years to come. 

We ended up going back to Old Brick House Vintage Market and buying a 3 drawer dresser that I wanted to put in the new nursery. But I had the car and Jake was gone on the campout with the truck. Julia saved me and we picked it up in her van Saturday morning :)

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