Friday, February 12, 2016

Sick Life

Man, motherhood is not for the weak. I'm a little bit surprised that I'm even still alive after/during two sick kids AND a sick husband while growing a tiny human. Everett was sick for 9 days and he's still trying to get over it. Breckie got the same thing but luckily by then we had medication for it. 

Everett ended up getting a pretty major double ear infection and now he's even more hard of hearing and even louder than he was before. He's been loud his whole life and "what?" is the second most used word in his vocabulary, but just times that by 10 and that's what were dealing with now. I hope it gets better because repeating myself is one of my very least favorite things to do EVER! 

Today he told me not to yell at him but I honestly was just trying to talk loud enough so I wouldn't have to say it twice. You can imagine how loud the TV is and everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like it came out of a megaphone. 

We have 72 homework pages to do, it seems, just to catch up. 

But hey, look on the bright side, our refrigerator is freezing all of our vegetables and our vacuum has broken twice in the last month. Oh, and Jake will be gone for the next 3 Saturdays and I still have 100 days left of this torturous pregnancy. Motherhood/life is eating me alive right now!

But honestly, I know life won't always be this taxing... and sometimes it will be more… but right now I feel like I can't take anymore (even though I know I'm stronger than I want to be…)

*ps Everett's new jersey is from Jake's boxes of treasure we brought down out of the attic. He wore it on Super Bowl Sunday. And Breckie wore her "handsome like daddy" pajama shirt with 2-day old pigtail braids and a man bun on top to keep her hair out of her eyes. We're so classy. 

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