Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beckie Bear's 3-Year Pictures

My life is infinitely better with Breckie in it. I really hope she'll consider me one of her best friends someday because I already consider her one of mine. Here are some pictures of her and her personality :)

There is so much love, spunk, attitude, adventure, and personality shoved into her cute little body. I get excited to see her personality and life continue to unfold... but I mostly just want to stop time for a little longer!

She has a fabulous memory, loves pink, adores stuffed animals, still wants milk from a bottle, is super tough, has the best stink eye, loves fruit snacks, and wants to do dance and gymnastics. 

I'm so grateful to be able to raise such a beautiful little person. 

She jumps everywhere, rides a scooter like a pro, she's working on mastering the monkey bars, and has the cutest little run I have ever seen. 


Happy 3rd birthday to you, Breckie Bear. 

P.S. She calls me "Mom Bomb" and I love her even more for it!

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