Friday, March 11, 2016

Breckie's 3rd Birthday

Breckie had been so excited for her birthday this year and I think her birthday turned out to be pretty great. 

We started making her cake first thing... even before breakfast!

After dropping Everett off at school, we went to story time at the library and then got to stay and play with the toys afterwards. Then we went to her favorite place... IHOP for lunch. 

When we got home, we finished and decorated her cake. 

Papa had come for her party. Everett also had a cottage fair at school where he showed us all the things he's been learning about habitats this quarter. 

The Millers came over for dinner, presents, and cake. 

She felt so special as we sang her Happy Birthday...

...and with a little help, she blew out her candles. 

She opened her presents, and somehow the unspoken theme was Cinderella, Belle, Frozen, and princess.. all of her gifts coordinated!

I hope Princess Breckie had a memorable birthday and that she felt as special as she is!

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