Monday, March 28, 2016


Everett and I colored Easter eggs on Saturday. Beckie didn't want to and Jake was gone on a boys trip. 

We had tons of fun and it was such a cute experience. 

Everett measured and mixed each color, colored cute and creative things on his eggs, and was fascinated at how they turned out. 

A few days prior we had gotten an Easter package from my mom and the bubble guns have been a huge hit. 

We have church at 8 am so we didn't really get the chance to get a family Easter pic on Sunday but it's okay... The Easter bunny stopped by and hid eggs while we were at church. The kids thought it was magical- and he left almost 100 eggs for them!

Later we went to the Millers for probably our best holiday meal yet... and another egg hunt. 

We also celebrated the real meaning of Easter and it's cute to see their understanding and testimonies of Christ grow. 

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