Monday, March 14, 2016

Everett's How-To Stories

At my last parent/teacher conference Mrs. Burghart told me that Everett gets the "award" for most improved at Writer's Workshop. 

She said when they first started, Everett wouldn't really write anything and would sigh/grunt/complain at the thought that he'd have to actually write something. Several of his "stories" were just lazy, bad-attitude pictures. 

Then one day he finally put some effort into it. 

*I'm not really sure what these are about. The second one might be about dishes but I'm not positive. 

Then they started to write "How to" books. The first one was a little rough. She said she didn't give them any examples or ideas... they had to come up with them all on their own. 

"How to get clothes on." 

He obviously takes after Jake and I when it comes to explaining things. It's just tough to get things out of your head and onto paper! He had several pages of erased drawings without any words. Poor guy. 

She said then one day the light just came on.

"How to make my bed."

*Put the pillow on the bed. 

*Put the blanket on the bed.

*Now you are done. 

This next one is one of my favorites :)

"How to get Breckie a show."

*First turn on the TV

*2nd then get the remote and turn on Netflix

*3rd get the right show. 

*First click on it. 

*Now she is watching a show. 

I feel like it is the cutest story ever. I know EXACTLY what his pictures mean and it was adorable that he takes his job as big brother seriously. 

Although "How to get Breckie a show" is my favorite story of his, "How to do laundry" holds a special place in my heart. The way he starts his story is a great example of how much he's grown as a writer. 

*Do you want dirty clothes? Read this book if you want clean clothes. 

*First throw the clothes down the stairs. 

*Second the clothes are down stairs. 

*Open the washing machine, put the clothes in there. 

*Turn on the washing machine for a hour. 

*Now you have clean clothes. 

I love the pictures and instructions so much! I especially love the picture of him throwing the clothes over the railing, the washing machine, and the sparkling clean clothes :)

I was kind-of feeling weird about the fact that all he ever writes about are his "jobs/chores" because yes, he has them, but it's not like I'm some crazy chore enforcer. He probably does one chore a week, lol. But I'm glad they make him feel important :)

He came home with an idea chart. The first 4 squares were filled out: 

(Christmas, a car, rain, and his bed) so we thought about his other interests and he added: riding bikes, playing soccer, bouncing his basketball, flying Jake's kite, and building sand castles at the beach. Maybe he'll have more stories to write about now (even though I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE these ones he's written!)

Kindergarten has been the greatest joy for me. I have loved watching Everett learn, grow, and change all for the better. I don't think school will ever be a breeze so I'm glad he's learned to work through the difficult things early... or maybe I should just keep my fingers crossed that he continues to try and now give up!

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