Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Neighborhood Party

Once or twice a year our neighborhood has a "party" at the park. Vendors, free food, games, balloons, snow cones, cotton candy, face painting, etc. 

For the first time, Everett got his face painted!! He was so cute. He also did a pony race with his friend Bella. She spanked him big time!

Everett and Emily (his "girlfriend" whom he is convinced he'll marry someday) went through the obstacle course bounce house at least 5 times. Jake and Breckie races a few times too. 

The first time Emily beat him he cried and cried. But we couldn't be too hard on him because he actually tried so many new things that he'd been WAY too timid to do in the past. We have to work on one thing at a time!

The giant hamster balls were a big hit. 

And I still can't believe it but Everett wanted to go in this crazy contraptions that spun you in circles. He was so brave! After being spun a few times he was ready to get out. I'm WAY proud of him. 

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