Thursday, March 10, 2016

Picture Presents

I feel like the best gift my kids could give me are really great pictures... and these two totally delivered. 

I like to take pictures of Everett and Breckie together whenever I can... and when I'm already taking one of their pictures it seems like a good time. We took Breckie's 3-year pictures this weekend so Everett sat in for a few. 

It seems like I stare at their pictures for hours and my heart gets so happy it almost hurts!

Jake always helps to get them to look and smile in the right direction. I told them to look at Dad because he was going to tell them a joke... so Jake say's (this was all totally on the fly) "Why couldn't the skeleton cross the road?" and Everett says: 

"Because he doesn't have any nuts!"

Jake and I died of laughter. We were laughing so hard! A few seconds later Everett says (laughing) "I mean GUTS! Because he doesn't have any guts."

It was just too good. 

I'm so thankful that we're able to parent such amazing kids. Of course they are both hard in their own ways and we all have our struggles, but we're so happy to have them as our kids.

Hopefully their relationship continues to grow as they get older. Someday they'll realize how much they mean to each other... and how much we love them :)

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