Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break in San Diego - Mission Beach

The first morning we were there we got to watch the hotel feed it's two seals 
(and some greedy seagulls). 

Then we went to check out the other side of the bay (basically the other side of the hotel).

We didn't necessarily play on our kids getting wet right away... they ended up in their undies for a few minutes while Jake ran back to the hotel room to get their wetsuits. 

There was a random floating dock so we played on it until they came to take it back to the boat launch where it floated away from during the night. 

The kids found a moon jellyfish and some seashells... and a sand mound to slide down. 

Before we left the water to go swim in the pool, I asked Everett to take our picture. 
Watching him try and hold the camera and press the right button was priceless!

After the pool and lunch we headed to the real beach. The beach we'd been telling the kids we'd play on for weeks. The beach with waves! Mission beach was walking distance from our hotel. 

After getting all wet and sandy in real clothes, we put on their wetsuits, lol. 

 Beckie got knocked down by a wave and was done with the water. I would be too if I were barely 3 and got a face full of cold salt water! So her and I played in the sand. She was a little chilly so I buried her. 

She discovered that the sand was salty and licked a few of her fingers!

Jake and Everett continued to play in the water and fly Jake's kite. 

After a while we were all ready to be warm and dry.  We got back to our room and dressed just in time to take a complimentary boat ride around the bay. 

*I guess I don't stand next to Everett and take pictures very often because I was shocked to see how tall he is next to me!

We saw a kiteboarder from the shore and Jake was super excited for his lesson the next day. 

Haha, our kids look so grumpy but they were actually way excited to be on a boat. It was super chilly and Everett was dying of hunger but I know they had a good time.

The kiteboarder did a few tricks and it was actually pretty awesome to think that maybe someday Jake would actually be able to do the same thing. 

We saw tons and tons of moon jellyfish from the boat and watched the sun go down. 

When we got back to shore we made a pizza run so Everett wouldn't starve to death :) He fell asleep on the ride home and the rest of us were out soon after. 

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